My work focuses on addressing underlying, root cause concerns in order to create lasting change in relational and behavioral patterns. 


The most central tenets of my work are the importance of a strong client-therapist relationship and the unique nature of each client’s therapeutic needs. Numerous research studies have confirmed that therapies founded in these two concepts are most likely to create long-lasting change.  

That being said, I understand that individuals often want a more specific idea of what will happen in a therapeutic session.  For that reason, I work with clients to make sure we are jointly identifying core concerns and beginning to address those from the first session.  


Here are some specific areas I often help my clients address:

  • Developing greater awareness, understanding and expression of emotions

  • Understanding how early life experiences affect your present-day behaviors and relational patterns

  • Identifying unhelpful thought patterns and working to replace them with more helpful, balanced responses

  • Identifying ways you doubt and disaffirm your own wisdom and working to better allow that wisdom to guide you

  • Practicing specific interventions aimed at targeted behaviors, impulses or defenses

  • Developing effective coping strategies

  • Finding meaning in your past experiences that helps you engage in your present and future in an intentional and authentic way


You are the expert on your life, so I will work collaboratively with you to understand you, your unique story and your therapeutic needs.

4749 Chicago Ave S, Suite 2B

Minneapolis, MN 55407